Receive a Credit for Professional Electric Bike Assembly

Most e-bikes arrive 85% - 95% assembled only requiring the customer to attach the front wheel, attach/adjust the handlebar, attach the pedals, attach the seat, adjust the brakes, install accessories, and check that all connections and parts are secure and adjusted to the rider's height and preference.

Here at Journey Bikes we understand that although our electric bicycles ship 85% - 95% assembled, there are some customers that would prefer to have a professional assemble, adjust and calibrate their electric bicycle before riding it. 

That is why we offer FREE (up to $50) Professional Electric Bicycle Assembly by a local bicycle shop near you (for specific electric bikes only). The specific bicycle's "listing page" (the page that you find the specific bicycle's images, description, specs, pricing, etc.) will list if it qualifies for this $50 credit for Professional E-Bike Assembly.

Please note, there are restrictions that apply, specifically that you must be within a 10 mile radius to a local bike shop where your e-bike will be assembled for you. You will need to first confirm that your local bike shop will offer this assembly service - which is VERY common for most bike shops to provide. You must also be aware that every bicycle shop's pricing varies, and you must confirm your local bike shop's price and that you are comfortable paying anything over $50. Lastly, note that you will not qualify for the $50 credit if you have used any coupon codes or other discount offers in your order.

Once the work is complete, you will just email us the receipt (within 21 days of bicycle assembly) and we will credit you $50 to the payment method you used when placing your order. 

How does it work step-by-step?

1. Find a local bike shop that is equipped and able to assemble an electric bicycle. Let them know that it will be delivered to their store, signature required, and will come 85% pre-assembled.

2. Confirm the electric bike that you're purchasing qualifies for the $50 Credit for Electric Bicycle Assembly by visiting the electric bicycle's listing page and viewing the item options area to confirm the "$50 Credit for Professional Bicycle Assembly" option is available for that bike. Select, Yes I want to have my e-bike assembled by a local bike shop.

3. To qualify for the $50 credit, you cannot enter any other discount codes at checkout. If you select to enter other discount codes at checkout, your order will not qualify for the $50 credit.

4. Enter the address of your local bike shop as your SHIPPING ADDRESS. Enter the bike shop's name and the contact's name as well. Enter YOUR email as the email address for the order.

5. The local bike shop must be within a 10 mile radius of your home address. We cannot process orders with a shipping address outside the 10 mile radius from your home address.

6. Once order is received, we will confirm the addresses internally and then process the order. The bike will be shipped to the local bike shop. You will receive an email notification with tracking information once your bike ships. Please notify the bike shop of the ETA and tracking number once you receive this tracking info.

7. You, the customer, are responsible for communicating and managing the delivery of your bicycle with the bike shop.

8. Note that the bike assembly process can add additional days to the estimated arrival to your home. You will need to check with your local bike shop BEFORE placing your order with us to confirm what their turnaround time will be once the bike is delivered to their shop.

9. IMPORTANT! Please note that you, the customer, are responsible for the transportation of the assembled electric bike from your local bike shop to your home. Most customers transport their bike using their car's bike rack or just riding the e-bike home from the bike shop.

10. Once the bike has been assembled, within 21 days of assembly, please email us at with the receipt for the assembly and we will apply the $50 credit to your payment method used to place your order.

AGAIN, please note that you will not qualify for the $50 credit if you have used any coupon codes or other discount offers in your order.