5 Signs You're A Beach Cruiser

5 Signs You're A Beach Cruiser

Beach Cruiser Bikes have been around since the 1930s. 
Pure City Beach Cruiser Bicycle

They are truly nostalgic and certainly timeless, having prevailed as the go-to bike for cruisin' around town... but why, and is a beach cruiser for me?

Their upright riding position, balloon tires, very comfy seats, and endless accessorizing possibilities (fenders, baskets, cup holders) for customization make the beach cruiser the perfect bike to bee-bop around town on. Tourists and locals alike, appreciate their simple design and durability to withstand the salty air, all while coming in at a budget-friendly price.

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. If you've gotten in the habit of automatically jumping in your car to head to the store or coffee shop, maybe its time to consider hopping on your bike more, much more!?! 

Pure Cycle Beach Cruiser Bike


  1. You want a laid-back, easygoing, mellow way to transport yourself from A to Z.
  2. You want a new way to #optoutside and take in the sights & sounds.
  3. You want to accessorize and stylize your bike so it's unique.
  4. And you might even have a little furry friend named Toto that you'd like to 'tote' around with you in your handlebar basket.
  5. You're in dire need of an undemanding alternative to recover from spin class and your weekly riding group.


Beach Cruiser E-Bikes may come in various sizes or one-size fits all and also have options like Single-Speed or 7-Speed variations. Each beach cruiser can be unique in its own way, it's just up to you! Cruisers are for cruising, not for a challenge, and we all need a little help cruising through life!

Check out this easy, straight-to-the-point bike size guide for men, women and children:

Bike Size Chart

Bicycle Size Guide


  • Single Speed = Simple, Lower-Maintenance, Coaster Brakes
  • 7-Speed = Geared, Better on hilly terrain, Comes with Hand/Rim Brakes

If you're ready to start cruisin' and need to add a Beach Cruiser to your electric bike collection, be sure to check out our made in the USA selection of Beach Cruiser E-Bikes!

Pure City Beach Cruiser

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