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Becky & Jason met in 2004 in San Francisco on their parallel paths toward entrepreneurship. They became instant best friends and by 2006 they were hanging out every single day.  They talked about investing in real estate together and a few months later - they had an offer accepted on a building they would both live in for the next 5 years. They each got married and by 2011 needed more space - instead of going their separate ways, they found another suitable building to live in together. Throughout their friendship - there was lots of (traditional) biking and the biking usually involved the question “how hilly is it?” Going up or down hills is a reality in San Francisco and Becky would struggle keeping up with Jason’s fast pace. In 2020 they were both vaccinated and decided to go on a trip to Austin together - they took an electric bicycle tour with YourBikerGang and were instantly hooked on eBikes. 

Journey Bikes was created to share their love of eBikes with the world. Jason & Becky want everyone to know how much fun they are and how life changing they can be. 

We provide you with:

  • An SSL secure encrypted, PCI Compliant, safe shopping experience
  • Responsive, reliable customer service
  • Free Shipping to the Lower 48 states
  • E-bikes come 85%-95% assembled
  • We are here to provide you with a quality eBike buying experience 

Journey Bikes features the best electric bikes in various styles - beach cruisers, fat tire bikes, folding bikes, recumbent bikes. You can start enjoying life, traveling eco-consciously and fulfilling your inner wanderlust.

From the beach bike commuter, to the off-roading bike enthusiasts, we offer bikes that blend style and functionality, creating an experience for riders, not just a mode of transportation.

After reviewing our FAQ page, if you still have questions regarding your order or a bike listed in our store, feel free to contact us by clicking HERE.


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