Best Electric Bicycles Under $1500 | Affordable E-Bikes of 2019

Best Electric Bicycles Under $1500 | Affordable E-Bikes of 2019

What are the best electric bicycles under $1500?

We researched the top electric bicycle brands that can be bought online and shipped directly to your door. We considered several factors such as customer service, bike weight, bike style, motor type, top speed, maximum distance on one charge, pedal assist and throttle options. Here is our list of best electric bikes priced under $1500:

  1. Nakto Camel Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle
  2. X-Treme Laguna Beach Cruiser Electric Bike
  3. Micargi Bali Electric Beach Cruiser Bike
  4. Nakto Classic Electric City Bike
  5. Ride1Up Roadster Ghost City Electric Bicycle
  6. e-Joe Koda Sports Class Commuter Electric Bike
  7. Nakto Fashion Folding Electric Bicycle
  8. Emojo Lynx Pro Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle
  9. X-Treme X-Cursion Elite Max Folding Mountain Electric Bike
  10. Nakto Discovery Fat Tire Electric Bike
  11. Emojo Wildcat Electric Fat Tire Bicycle
  12. Ecotric 20” Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike
  13. Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bike
  14. X-Treme Baja Folding Mountain Bicycle
  15. Nakto Ranger Mountain Electric Bike
  16. Nakto Cruiser 26" Fat Tire Electric Bike

The most popular eBike frame styles on the market are beach cruiser electric bikes, commuter electric bikes, folding electric bikes, fat tire electric bikes, and mountain electric bikes. We also categorized our list of best electric bicycles under $1500 by bike frame style and intended use.

Best Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes Under $1500

Beach cruiser electric bicycles are comfortable due to their upright seating position, balloon tires, and usually have a front basket or rear rack. Beach cruiser electric bikes are good for casual riding on the beach, flat terrain and low traffic areas.

Selecting the best beach cruiser electric bicycle will depend on your budget, intended use and style preferences but the three beach cruiser bicycles mentioned below are a great start!

Nakto Wins Least Expensive, Yet Good Quality with their Women’s and Men’s 36V Camel Electric Bike.

As one of the least expensive electric bikes on the market, Nakto has some of the best customer service in the industry while providing a true beach cruiser style electric bicycle that packs a 36V 10ah battery, and 250W rear hub motor.

One charge can get you 20-25 miles (depending on terrain/rider weight/weather) and the controller features pedal-assist and throttle options. You also get accessories such as an LED front headlight controlled by handlebars and a horn! This is an all-around best bang for your buck eBike.

X-Treme Wins Best Value with their 48V 500W Laguna Beach Cruiser electric bike.

Not only does X-Treme offer technical support, but they are one of the largest e-bike manufacturers in the USA. Their Laguna Beach Cruiser E-bike features a comfortable dual-spring seat and upright position with hydraulic front fork for smooth riding, and their e-bike comes with all the accessories you could need like a headlight, cargo rack, front basket, drink holder and fenders.  Also comes in a women’s step through style frame, called the X-Treme Catalina Beach Cruiser eBike.

More importantly the battery is a whopping 48V 10ah and the rear hub motor can handle a powerful 500W. The LCD Display is a Smart PAS Digital System with USB Charging Port that allows control via rider input and has 5 speeds to enable the bike to operate nearly twice as efficient because you select the power consumption. This feature allows a rider to possibly reach or exceed 70+ miles per charge!

Micargi Bali 48V 350W Electric Beach Cruiser Bike Wins Most Stylish Yet Powerful.

Micargi Bicycles have been around since 1997 and have perfected the beach cruiser style bicycle frame. The Bali comes in a Men’s and Women’s style frame and includes front & rear mud guards, cruiser style handlebars, basket, and a large cruiser style seat with springs for comfort. The women’s eBike comes in a beachy ice blue and the men’s a sleek matte black. Also, the battery is hidden under the rear rack giving the beach cruiser frame a clean look & feel.

Yes, the Bali has a stylish beach cruiser bicycle design, but does it have the necessary functionality too? The 48V 10.4ah battery powers the 350W motor to provide a range of 18-25 miles on a single charge. Also this 7-speed bicycle comes with an LCD display. However, points are deducted due to the speed sensor motor that provides a pedal-assist function but no throttle, and also the bicycle is on the heavier side at 72 lbs.

Best Electric Commuter Bikes Under $1500

Commuter electric bikes can be used daily for work commutes or travelling. Commuter style electric bikes are comfortable and are generally used for biking in traffic and usually have a rear luggage rack.

You may live in one of these top bicycle-friendly cities or you may just love cycling to work. Either way if you’re buying an electric bike for your 15-mile daily commute and are less concerned about reaching high speeds, than pay more attention to the amp hours.

Nakto Classic 36V Electric City Bike wins Best Stylish Sleek Design

What can we say, we’re true fans of Nakto, especially the timeless look of their commuter style e-bike. The brown leather seat and handlebars match well with the weaved basket and vintage white frame and mud guards.

The Classic provides easy riding with a 250W brushless motor, using a throttle and/or pedal assist and a Shimano 6 speed derailleur. The battery is a removable 36V10A battery allowing a range of up to 18-25 miles on one charge. Also the bike comes equipped with safety features such as a horn and a front LED headlight controlled from handlebars.

Ride1Up Roadster Ghost 48V City Electric Bicycle wins Best Straightforward Commuter eBike.

We chose the Ride1Up as the best mid-priced commuter electric bike for its power and simplicity. This e-bike features a sleek commuter style bike frame and prioritizes minimalism in not only its frame design but with its absence of gears or shifters and a smaller LCD integrated display with 3 pedal-assist settings.

Although the battery is not removeable, this electric bike puts a stealthy, concealed, modern twist on the old school commuter bikes, yet still comes equipped with headlight & tail light, rear rack and disc brakes.

e-Joe Koda Sports Class Commuter Electric Bike wins most bang for your buck.

We call it our sports class commuter because it combines technology with an 8-speed transmission harnessing a 500-watt high performance geared rear hub motor. The KODA gives you the style and performance of a sports model with the practicality of an all-purpose, all-terrain commuter.

In addition to power, this eBike comes fit with a quality, comfortable seat, 700c road tires, pedal-assist or throttle options, hydraulic disc brakes and the accessories you’d need to make your commute a breeze!

Best Electric Folding Bikes Under $1500

Folding electric bikes fold down to fit in a closet or car trunk, great for small spaces. If you live in the city or have minimal space for bike storage, a folding bicycle is a great option. Electric folding bicycles also come in various styles such as folding electric mountain bikes, folding beach cruiser electric bikes, folding fat tire electric bikes, and folding commuter electric bikes.

If you have to carry your electric bicycle in and out of a 3rd floor apartment, up and down stairs, then you may want to consider the lighter weight folding electric bicycles.

Nakto Fashion Folding eBike wins least expensive, yet good quality folding electric bicycle.

The Fashion folds down to easily store away in a closet and still packs enough power for your morning commute. A single charge can take you up to 16-20 miles and this folding e-bike provides both pedal-assist and throttle options.

If you’re looking for a cheap and eco-friendly way to get around town, the Fashion could be the right electric bike for you. The bike also comes equipped with safety features such as a horn and a strong front LED headlight controlled from handlebars, front and rear brakes, and brake motor safety cut off.

Emojo Lynx Pro Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike wins most bang for your buck.

This folding electric bike packs a punch with its 48V 500W power capabilities, the upgraded LCD display with 5 PAS levels, and distance ranging up to 30 miles. You could surely bike the beach with it’s 4” Kenda fat tires and then quickly fold down to fit in a small apartment closet.

Ride comfortably with the 7-speed gearing system and dual tektro disc brakes. The Lynx Pro comes in not one, but five different color options. At just under $1500, the Lynx Pro wins most bang for your buck!

X-Treme X-Cursion Elite Max 36V Folding Mountain Electric Bike wins most versatile mid-priced folding e-bike.

This folding electric bike comes equipped with a mountain bike style frame, 36V 10ah battery, 300W zero resistance gear rear hub motor, hydraulic shocks, off-road tires, and JAK disc brakes to ensure your ride is powerful yet smooth.

Its versatility can take you to the local grocery store where you can carry your groceries on the rear cargo rack, or take you on off-road mountain trails then fold this lightweight electric mountain bike down into your RV, car or apartment closet.

Best Electric Fat Tire Bikes Under $1500

Fat tire electric bicycles sport the extra wide tires to provide a smooth ride on regular or more challenging terrain such as snow, sand and hills. They come in different styles such as cruiser electric bike or folding electric bike frames with fat tires.

If you will be taking your electric bike off-road on muddy trails or the beach, you should consider the fat tire electric bikes.

Nakto Discovery 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike wins most stylish fat tire e-bike.

The Discovery features 20" x 4" fat tires for beach and snow stability, premium 100% aluminum alloy frame, front shock absorption, and a powerful 300W hub motor with 48V 8ah battery to allow a range up to 25 miles per charge.

We rated this best mid-priced fat tire electric bike for its playful frame design including a horn, retro feel and sleek upgrades such as disc brakes and frame concealed battery.

Emojo Wildcat 48V 500W Fat Tire eBike wins best bang for your buck.

We rated the Wildcat as best bang for your buck because it comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s 48V 10.4ah battery and 500W brushless motor can take you a range of 25 miles and its lightweight alloy rigid frame paired with the powerful grip of the front and rear disc brakes and 7-speed gearing give you control when you need it most.

The Wildcat has three color options that are accented on the rims. Ride in style on the beach or trails with the large, treaded 4” wide fat tires.

Also, a runner-up that we must mention is the Nakto Cruiser Fat Tire Electric Bike with 36V Battery and a 300W motor, at under $900* this full size 26” fat tire cruiser is a bargain and shouldn’t be missed!

Ecotric 20” Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike wins most versatile fat tire ebike.

This fat tire bike wins most versatile due to its folding capabilities and functionalities. This 20” Fat Tire eBike features a 500W rear hub motor, 36V battery, and pedal-assist or throttle options to provide riding distances of up to 45 miles per charge all for under $900*.

Equipped with comfortable but compact 20" x 4" tires, this fat tire electric bike can be conveniently folded in order to store and transport the bike more easily. Taking a trip to Siesta Key and need a bike compact enough to pack in your car, yet capable of riding on the beach or to the store? It has the ability to take on many tasks you would not expect from a portable and folding bike such as hauls from the grocery store, challenging terrain, and rough roads.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes Under $1500

Mountain electric bikes have a lighter weight, sturdy frame and multiple gears to allow riding on hilly or mountainous terrain. Electric mountain bikes usually come with treaded tires and provide the electric power needed to traverse challenging topography.

Pay attention to brake type, motor type and weight. If you plan on sometimes using pedal power versus the electric motor, you will want to get an electric bicycle that is not too heavy to pedal electricity-free.

Keep in mind that hub-drive motors can sometimes be more reliable because if your chain breaks, you can ride home on just the motor.

If you’re buying an electric mountain bike and plan on climbing steep hills and biking through rugged lanscapes, pay more attention to the voltage and watts.

Ecotric Seagull 48V 1000W Electric Mountain Bike wins best bang for your buck.

At just over $1000 the Ecotric Seagull has many features and upgrades such as a 1000W rear hub motor, 48v 13aH battery, and disc brakes to provide riding distances of ~35 miles on one charge. Also the bike features both pedal assist and throttle only mode.

Equipped with comfortable but compact 26" x 2.125" tires, this electric mountain bike allows riders to ride along the sand, mud, dirt trails, snow or regular road conditions. The Seagull doesn’t fall short and includes a suspension comfort seat that is adjustable and adjustable front suspension forks.

X-Treme Baja Folding Mountain Bike wins most versatility and functionality.

The X-Treme Baja not only is equipped with a powerful 500W high torque, zero resistance clutch motor with digital torque sensor, but also the lightweight LiFePo4 48V 10.4 aH integrated battery pack. This bike has been tested climbing a 5-7% mountain grade continuously for 45 minutes at variable speeds while having to slow down for hair pin turns!

And don’t forget, this powerful electric mountain bike is foldable too, folding in half for easy transportation. Not to mention the 5 Speed Smart Power Assist System and controller via rider input enable the bike to operate nearly twice as efficient as a non-smart assist e-bike, allowing the Baja to possibly reach 70+ miles per charge.

Nakto Ranger 36V Mountain Electric bike wins best under $1000.

The Ranger features a sturdy 100% aluminum alloy frame, a front fork with premium comfort shock absorption and a double layer aluminum alloy 26" wheel. This e-bike can provide easy riding with a 300W brushless motor, using a throttle and/or pedal-assist and a Shimano 6 speed derailleur; one charge can run 20-25 miles.

It’s hard to find an electric mountain bike under $1000 with disc brakes, a front LED headlight, a horn, a comfortable super soft seat, an LCD display AND the battery integrated in the frame for a sleek look and feel.

Those are the best electric bicycles under $1500 for 2019 that you can buy online and have shipped to your front door. We’re looking forward to what 2020 will bring!

Read the Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide to learn more on how to choose the electric bicycle that will best suit your needs. And remember don’t forget to wear your bike helmet and follow driving laws when biking in traffic!

*Prices may vary and are subject to change.

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