Common eBike Misconceptions and Myths

Common eBike Misconceptions and Myths

Upon first considering the purchase of an eBike, many people form assumptions and misconceptions about the use and functionality of an electrical bicycle. Many question the health benefits of eBikes while others make snap judgements about the difficulty level of learning how to ride one.

We’ve conducted the necessary research, so you don’t have to! There are quite a few misconceptions and myths out there about eBikes. Here are the most common untruths about electric bikes along with solids facts to debunk the myths: 

Myth #1: You Get Very Little Exercise from Riding an eBike

When first hearing about electric bikes, many people assume that eBikes are like motorcycles or even Mopeds in the way that they do all the heavy lifting for you. In reality, electric bikes still require the rider to peddle and participate in the process of compelling the eBike forward.

The difference between an eBike and a regular bicycle is that the electric bicycle offers assistance that makes the ride a much smoother and enjoyable experience. Rather than dreading that big hill up ahead, the rider can look forward to it knowing that they will receive assistance. 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an eBike is the positive impact they can have on your health. At the same time, they remove some of the most overwhelming hurdles witnessed during rides on regular bicycles!

Myth #2: Learning How to Ride an eBike is Difficult

Sure, when you first look at an eBike you may think that the process of learning how to correctly ride one will be a difficult task. However, it’s truly just as easy as riding a normal bicycle! Most electric bikes come with a quick get-started manual designed specifically for first time riders.

In fact, eBikes such as the X-treme Malibu Elite (coming in 24V and a 36V models) come with three easy-to-use power options paired with accessible instructions on how to get started. These versatile power options are designed to make the ride more convenient and seamless for the rider. 

X-Treme Malibu Elite Max 36V 350W Step Through Beach Cruiser

Myth #3: eBikes are Too Expensive

This misconception all depends on the mindset of the person! While electric bikes are by no means cheap, they are a worthwhile investment that will always pay off in the end. Think about how much money you will save by keeping your body healthy and happy. 

Or, think about how much gas money you will save by riding your eBike instead of starting up the car every time you want to go somewhere!

Here at Journey Bikes we have a great option to go through when purchasing an electric bike as each of their eBikes can be purchased through a buy-now-pay-later feature called Klarna

Myth #4: eBikes are Heavy and Inconvenient

Most reputable and well-made electric bikes are designed to be sleek and lightweight for the rider’s convenience. Furthermore, some eBikes are created to easily fold for better storage and transportation options! 

The X-treme Electric Folding Full Suspension Mountain eBike has a quick folding option paired with a lightweight battery pack and aluminium frame. These specs make this electric bike one of the best options for anyone seeking an eBike that is easy to manoeuvre. 

The many benefits of utilizing an eBike is undeniable! Not only do they have proven health benefits, but eBikes also are known for their positive impact on the environment. These qualities alone make them a worthwhile investment!

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