Electric Bike Battery Life

Electric Bike Battery Life

Keeping your battery in good shape takes a lot more than just cleaning it up from dust after riding. Here are a few tips on how to prolong the battery life for your e-bike.


Charging New Electric Bike Battery for 12 Hours

When you first get a new electric bike take the time to charge the battery completely for up to 12 hours. The initial charge ensures current is flowing through all the cells and helps to condition the battery right out of the box.

Charge Your E-bike Battery Regularly

You don’t need to let your electric bike battery discharge completely. You can try to charge the battery when it is at 30% remaining.

Some battery experts do suggest an occasional full discharge once in about 50 charges.

In order to charge your electric bike battery regularly, you need to use it regularly, so let this be another encouragement to get out and ride.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

As most electric equipment, an electric bike battery feels the same way about the weather. Moderate temperatures are better.

To prolong an electric bike battery, avoid temperature extremes both in usage and when you are charging the battery. Ideally, charging should be between 60-70degrees Fahrenheit.

Charging e-bike batteries.

Like our cellular phones, don’t just leave your electric bike battery on the charger for long periods of time. When you do, the efficiency and capacity of the battery are reduced lower than anticipated. Some e-bike riders suggest using a timer when charging.

Transporting the e-bike

Do not leave the battery on the e-bike when transporting—batteries don’t like being dropped. It’s not common, but a large enough bump in the road and a poor bike/battery connection can send that expensive battery bouncing down the road. This can tend to break any one of the many soldered connections between the cells.

Don’t Store an Empty Battery

Off season like winter may forced us to store our e-bikes which will result to longer period of non-use or perhaps taking a trip. Regardless, don’t store your battery empty.

Suggestions from expert electric bikers advised to store it in dry space with 40%-60% capacity and some advised to start it up during winter time at least once a week for about 5-10minutes.

Boost Mode/ Throttle Use

How you ride the e-bike also affects the battery life. The use of boost mode and/or throttle puts more load on the battery than eco mode.

Suggestions: Use it only during uphill or rougher terrain.

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