Everything You Need to Know About the EBK GP Series 2023

Everything You Need to Know About the EBK GP Series 2023

The E-Bike Grand Prix (EBK GP), developed by Cube, will have its first-ever race series in 2023, which will take place in Dubai, its host city.

This will be a new international cycling sport that will highlight electric bike technology in global host cities. In turn, it will help raise awareness about climate change challenges that aim to help citizens promote cleaner and healthier cities.

Saving the World Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Being developed internally by Cube, the managing director of Cube Management invented a live cycling event, the Street Velodrome, that went globally in which it engaged local communities in cycling. Due to its success, the EBK GP was introduced. First pitched as a UK series, and with great success and adoption, the series was suggested to go global.

EBK GP will combine traditional cycling with battery-powered technology. Thus, this will help create the fastest and most technologically advanced and eco-friendly cycle series for the first time in the world.

The series will have ten events that include ten franchise teams. Each team will have one male and one female rider. Along with spreading awareness for climate change, EBK also seeks to emphasize the importance of gender equality to them.

Every city that will sign up for the EBK will need a customized three-year Sustainable Transformational Mobility (STM) program.The Sustainable Transformational Mobility Program encourages host cities of the EBK GP Series to engage in the program, which will be implemented over a three-year period. The goal is for host cities to create clean, green, and healthier cities. Progress will be tracked and successful completion will win the EBK GP City Award.  

Why Dubai?

Of the many countries in the world for the EBK GP 2023, why Dubai? Dubai has established itself as one of the leading cities when it comes to advancements in technology. The country also has an excellent reputation for delivering the best sporting events in the world.


A Different Way to Race

The layout of the race will be based on the cities that will host it. So far, the countries that have signed up for it are:

-   USA

-   Canada

-   Europe

-   South Africa

-   UAE

-   India

-   China

-   South Korea

-   The UK

-   Australia

Every team in the race will need to use a spec bike with a fixed frame, motor, and battery. BMC will provide it, but they have yet to release details of what they will look like and their technical specifications. The teams may provide other components.

BMC Switzerland is an exclusive bike partner, and the brand has proven itself always to meet the highest standards when it comes to manufacturing, design, and quality.

According to Judith Rowan, the Global Host City Director at EBK GP, “The E-Bike Grand Prix Series reflects the newly pivoted face of global sporting events. It is a disrupter. EBK’s technology-driven, intense race format, together with a robust sustainability mandate, are essential attributes of future sporting events. We are excited to lead the charge and extremely proud to welcome Dubai—one of the world’s great innovators—as our inaugural host city partner. This is an exciting development for cycle sport and the sports industry as a whole.” (GulfNews, 2021)

The course will be set around various famous landmarks in each chosen city in the participating countries. In addition, the tracks will be designed to be seen by as many individuals as possible because the race is free to the general public.

The circuits will range from 2.5m to 5km while also having ‘Power Zones,’ which will require strategic energy use to climb over them. The Power Zones are inclined in the circuit within the final kilometer of each circuit. The 20 per cent slopes will ensure that every rider will use energy assistance to stay within the pack.

After its showcase event in Dubai, the series will continue its tour across ten cities worldwide in 2023.

How Teams and Riders Can Benefit from EBK GP

Since bikes are common worldwide, teams and riders will have a good commercial offering in which EBK GOP provides a low-cost investment that will increase value over time. It’s different from other cycle sports, where teams work on commercial sponsorship budgets. With EBK GP, they offer revenue shares that will be beneficial to operations in the long run.

In addition, the EBK GP promises to have a broad sporting audience that can engage with the local community.

Future Plans for EBK GP

Next year, the goal is to have a minimum of eight rounds to expand in 2024 and 2025. In addition, they would want to have a maximum number of events at 15 in the future. This is to ensure that they can provide a global championship at a level that works for the organizers and those in logistics.

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