Electric Bike Battery Guide: Tips To Increasing Your eBike Battery's Range

Electric Bike Battery Guide: Tips To Increasing Your eBike Battery's Range

So you have purchased your electric bike after doing your research, and you have been getting out there and e-biking around town and are interested in learning how to get the most out of one charge to get the most range out of your electric bike's battery.

We have put together this electric bike battery guide with tips to increasing your electric bike's range, so that you can get the most out of each charge and go the distance on each ride.

Take a moment to review the below tips to increase your electric bike battery's range, but please remember to always follow the instructions in your owner's manual and reach out to an authorized electric bike dealer or your bike's manufacturer if you have questions or are unsure of how to care for your eBike and its battery.

electric bike battery range tips

How To Extend the Range of Your Electric Bike's Battery:

1. Charge your battery to about 90-95% fully charged.

Charge your battery to about 90-95% fully charged. Tip: You can estimate the time it will take to fully charge your battery based on the time it takes to fully charge it once it is partially discharged.

For example, if you have 5 power levels showing the charge of your battery, with 1 being discharged and 5 being fully charged, note the time that it takes to fully charge your battery after the 3rd power level lights up. So if it takes 2 hours for the light on the battery charger to turn from red to green (signifying that your icyclbattery is fully charged), then next time you can set a timer to alarm about 1 hr 45 mins after that 3rd power level lights up, and then you’ll know you’re just about fully charged.

But also note that as your battery naturally degrades over time, you’ll need to adjust your timing by taking note of any change in time it takes to fully charge the battery.

2. Choose the right pedal assist mode or throttle mode for the terrain.

When riding, to prolong length of time that your battery lasts, try to use the right mode for the terrain difficulty.

In a little more detail, this means that if you’re riding downhill or on easy, flat terrain, use a low-pedal assist or no-pedal assist mode and save the high pedal-assist/throttle modes for the most challenging uphill terrain types.

3. Use the correct bike gear for the terrain you're riding on.

Utilize your electric bike’s gears as much as possible according to the terrain.

Take full advantage of the electric bike’s gears to help significantly increase range.

For example, going full throttle during your entire ride will significantly decrease your trip’s range. So instead, switch to an easier gear if you are going uphill so that you can provide more manual pedal power instead of only throttling or using high power pedal assistance. 

4. Lighten up your load.

Lightening up the load by carrying less weight in your backpack or on your cargo rear rack or in your front basket to improve your trip’s range.

The same goes for the rider’s weight, the lighter the rider, the longer the range.

5. Avoid biking in environmental conditions that are taxing on the battery.

Take note of the day’s environmental conditions, because they play a huge role in determining your battery range for that trip.

Wind, riding into the wind, rough or hilly terrains will consume more battery power and decrease your trip’s range.

Extreme hot or cold temperatures will also affect the battery’s capacity. Ideal operating conditions are between 40 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Aim for consistent speeds, avoid stopping / starting often.

Repeated actions will put a lot of drain on the battery, such as acceleration from a standing start.

As with a car, frequent starting and stopping is less economical than long distances at almost constant speed.

7. Proper electric bike maintenance will put less drain on your electric bike battery.

Poor electric bike maintenance will tax your battery.

Check that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure, avoid a dry or dirty chain, check that your brakes are properly adjusted and not contacting the rims. Give your electric bike a regular tune up every 6 months.

 electric bike battery range tips

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