The life changing benefits of e-bike ownership

The life changing benefits of e-bike ownership

Do you even know what an e-bike is, or what all the features are? You can save on gas money, get in better shape, cut down on carbon emissions, and get zero-percent financing. Journey Bikes has partnered with Klarna to offer a simple way to start riding one of our awesome e-bikes.

I bet you didn’t realize an e-Bike is so much more than just an electric bike. e-Bikes feature electric battery-powered motors that are typically built into the bike frames. You will choose a front-wheel-drive, a rear-wheel-drive or even two-wheel-drive e-bike. e-Bikes have a throttle to control the propelling of the bike. The display screen will show you distance, speed, battery levels, and charging time.  If you choose to pedal instead of throttle,  It takes way less effort to pedal than a traditional bike. The pedal assist will help you on long distances, and hills. You won’t be tired and you can smoke your friends on the traditional bikes.

Your e-Bike will help you get in shape. Even though assisted pedaling is not as strenuous, you are still biking.  The motions and movement will get you fit. And because it's SO MUCH FUN to ride with the wind in your hair, you will probably do it more than you ride your traditional bike.  Studies show that e-Bikes have aerobic and cardiovascular benefits. 

Switching to an e-Bike as your main form of transportation will also help your wallet. Take your e-bike instead of your car just about anywhere local. Commuting to work on an e-bike could save you big on gas money, parking costs and time looking for parking. You can get an e-Bike with Klarna for under $100 a month with 0% interest and $0 in fees/hidden cost.

Every gallon you save by not driving is saving 20 pounds of Co2 creation. That’s a lot! You can feel good by getting exercise, and you can feel even better knowing that you’ll have a small transportation footprint.

Becky Brown
Journey Bikes Founder

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