Top 10 Electric Bike Trails in Alabama

Top 10 Electric Bike Trails in Alabama

Riding your eBike will be a lot more fun if you go on trails in Alabama. The good news is that there are plenty of bike trails you can explore here that will help you find a suitable trail based on your needs and preferences. 

We have listed our top 10 eBike Alabama trails below: 

1. Chief Ladiga Trail

Located in Piedmont, Chief Ladiga Trail is a 35-mile paved path that is connected to the popular trail, Silver Comet Trail, in Georgia. It was once an old railroad corridor that offers plenty of beautiful sceneries, such as wetlands and open fields, while you ride through pine forests lined with wild flowers. 

Wildlife abound when you cruise in Chief Ladiga Trail, so keep an eye out for them (and make sure you don’t hit them!). The end of the trail is worth it with the beautiful Appalachian mountain range that will surely take your breath away. 

For your breaks, you can stop by the campground or the old train station along the route, which serves as a rest area on the trail. 

2. Hughes S. Brandon Backcountry Trail

Go on a world of your own and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by going on this 15-mile trail, the Hughes S. Brandon Backcountry Trail. Boasting of a maritime environment, you will see beautiful freshwater lakes and wetlands as you ride your electric bike. 

Bird-watchers will also enjoy the scenery with a hundred different species of birds to be found here. 

Seven different trailheads are in the trail, providing e-bike riders with a lot of options. Whether you want to do a quick ride or take the scenic route, the trail won’t disappoint. 

3. Yoholo Micco: The Creek Indian Trail

Located in Eufaula, the Creek Indian Trail is ideal for those looking for a short trail. The trail kicks off at the Eufaula Barbour County Chamber of Commerce and goes through a bit of residential area, until it ends at Old Creek Town Park. 

As you ride here, you’re in for beautiful signs of Lake Eufaula. If you need to rest for a bit, there are several areas along the trail where you can rest. Watch out for one trail that can take you to a small waterfall—it’s a captivating sight!

While you’re riding your electric bike on the trail, keep an eye out for bald eagles, osprey, and other bird species up ahead. 

4. TVA Nature Loop

Another ebike trail in Alabama that offers spectacular views, the TVA Nature Loop is worth exploring. Located in Florence, the trail is behind the Wilson Dam, with 17 miles of trails for biking, hiking, and walking. 

For e-bike riders, you can go on a 20mile out-and-back on the Waterfall Walk while you take in the great views of the Tennessee River, Wilson Dam, and a trailside waterfall. If you want to see even more beautiful views, go on the Old Railroad Bridge Trail onto the river and over the repurposed railroad bridge. 

5. Village Point Nature Preserve

In the town of Daphne lies a beautiful trail that will deliver incredible rides to ebike riders today. At the Village Point Park Preserve, electric bike riders can expect a mix of crushed gravel, boardwalk, and pavement on the two-mile trail. 

While riding, expect to get hit by a blast from the past as you pass through Jackson’s Oak and the D’Olive Cemetery, which has been there for 200 years. 

The boardwalks will take you to wetlands surrounded by wildflowers—watch out, though, as some alligators may be lurking just below the water’s surface. 

6. Aldrige Creek Greenway

Located in Hunstville, the 4.19-mile trail is on the banks of Aldridge Creek, that is perfect for electric bike riders today. Expect a leveled, well-maintained path that provides beautiful landscape and views with Green Mountain as their backdrop. 


Your safety is guaranteed here as the trail passed under main roads, which means you also don’t need to worry about the traffic. The trail will lead to the creek, and at the end is Willow Park. 

7. Oak Mountain State Park

Now, if you’re looking for rugged mountain biking trails, then you’re in luck because Alabama has it. Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham has 30 miles of mountain biking trails. The trails are ideal for all experience levels. 

Challenges and fun await, regardless of your interests and skill level. Consider this THE Alabama electric bike trail your default place to go to. 

Head to the Blood Rock trail if you’re looking for more action, while the Lake Trail welcomes beginners. 

8. Chattahoochee Valley Railroad Trail

The 7.5-mile paved Chattahoochee Valley Railroad Trail in Guntersville will let you navigate historical sites—from bridges, mill villages to the Fairfax train depot. 

Shop while you ride, as unique shops are along the way. And if ever you feel hungry, there are also local restaurants here. 

9. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Take out your electric mountain bikes and head on to the Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park for the best riding experience. Home to over 1,500 acres that feature plenty of forested trails, the area is known for challenging switchbacks, clay dirt, and more. 

Consider it the place for more serious mountain bikers who want to hone their skills and learn new tricks. 

There are still other trails at the park that beginner and intermediate riders can enjoy. 

10. Lagoon Park Trails

Enjoy five miles of ebike trail at the Lagoon Park Trains in East Montgomery, set on 432 acres of land. A lot of wide spaces here that kids can enjoy. This is a family-friendly place. 

Different trails can be explored here. For beginners, Oak Glen Trail is your trail, while those who deem themselves to already be at an intermediate level can check out the Single Track Trail. Creek Trail, Piney Woods Loop, and Forest Road Trails are also great for beginners. 

Ride On!

Alabama is filled with so many bike trails you can enjoy for that wonderful electric bike experience. We listed the top 10 electric bike trails in Alabama to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience. All trails are for riders of all expertise levels, so you’ll definitely find something here for you!

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