Top 9 Electric Bike Trails in Arkansas

Top 9 Electric Bike Trails in Arkansas

Unbeknownst to some, Arkansas has a lot of bike trails perfect for electric bike owners. With its good weather and active cyclists, it has become the mecca of bike trails. There are different types of bike trails here; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll definitely find something in Arkansas. 

Below, we have listed some of the top electric bike trails in Arkansas that you can explore: 

1. Slaughter Pen Bike Trail

Slaughter Pen offers the urban mountain biking experience. The 40-mile bike trail runs on a single track, where the path is filled with public art. What’s great about the Slaughter Pen Bike Trail is that there are different types of trails that range from your riding expertise. There is something for every electric bike rider here. 

The bike trail is located in Bentonville, which is a town recognized by IMBA as a silver-level ride location. This makes the Slaughter Pen Bike Trail one of the 11 in the world.

2. Blowing Springs Loop Trail and Black 40

Ideal for mountain biking, bring your electric mountain bike here at the Blowing Springs Loop Trail and Black 40. The 2.1-km loop trail is located near Bella Vista, and is considered to be an easy route. 

Black 40 is four miles long that has steeper climbs and longer descents. When going on this trail, ensure you add sidewall protection to your tires. You also want to consider using ones with beefier tread because the area is known to be a “tire eater.” 

An incredible hanging bridge here goes all the way to a creek with a waterfall. 

3. The Upper Buffalo Headwaters Trail

The 40-mile Upper Buffalo Headwaters Trail is known for its long climbs, steam crossing, and fast downhill lines. This is also where the Annual Mountain Bike Festival takes place every January. 

The trail is located in Newton County and is an IMBA EPIC ride that gives off a wilderness vibe. You should also be ready to get wet here because of the many creek crossings. You can even swim in some of them during the summer. 

This is also where you can ride one of the best trails in Arkansas, the Azalea Falls Trail, from the Fire Tower Loop.

4. The Railyard Biking Trail

The Railyard Biking Trail is one-of-a-kind. It is one of the few bike parks in the US that is well-lit, making the trail much safer. 

The trail is also designed for everyone—even families (with children) can ride the trail together. Additionally, the bike trail is close to others parts of Downtown Rogers.

5. Coler’s Bike Trail

Located in downtown Bentonville, Coles Bike Trail will make you feel like you’re riding in the backcountry of Ozark. There are several jump lines, huge gap jumps and challenging rocky sections that can get technical. 

You kick off your electric bike ride at the Hub near the top of the mountain. From there, you can choose which trail to take based on your experience level. For the experienced ones, the Cease and Desist is a trail that you should give a go. You’ll enjoy the Drop the Hammer, which has a 12-foot drop into a valley. 

For those wanting to try out their technical skills, go on a rocky ride at Rock Solid. 

With all of these trails found here, no wonder it is Arkansas’ most challenging enduro-style jump trail system to date. 

6. Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail

The 24-mile trail is open to mountain bikers, and it is usually the go-to trail if other trails are muddy. This is because the Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail is smooth, making it the best spot for those who want to level up their cornering. 

It also features sharp turns and stout climbs that will make ebike riders entertained. Even better, the trails loop through a lush pine forest east of Beaver Lake. 

7. The Womble Trail

So far, the Womble Trail is the most famous in Arkansas, as it is considered to be the jewel of the Ouachita Mountains. It is listed as an IMBA EPIC Ride. 

The trail is mainly made up of loose rock with plenty of steep climbs, especially when you get closer to the Ouachita Trail on the North half of the Womble.  There are also a few creek crossings here, but don’t worry; most of them are small and easy to cross. Also, the bigger creeks have bridges, which will make it easier for ebike riders to cross. 

You will also encounter technical areas on the trail. There is also a lot of ridge riding and some areas with steep drop-offs to one side.

8. Kessler Mountain Trails

Considered one of the toughest trails, yet one of the most scenic in Arkansas, the Kessler Mountain Trails provides nine miles of adrenaline-inducing ride. Views from the top of the mountain make every ride worth it. 

The trail features steep bluffs and rock-covered woodlands with long stretches of nature trails that pass through the forest. 

9. The Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail System

Rugged and remote, the Syllamo MTB trail system is popular as it has been the area for several mountain bike races over the years. The 50-mile singletrack trail has five interconnecting loops here that can be accessed on Ark.5, and there are three trailheads on Green Mountain Road. 

There are a lot of steep, chunky climbs that advanced riders will enjoy. In addition, there are large creek crossings. 

Where Will Your Next eBike Adventure Take You?

These top electric bike trails in Arkansas are designed for the novice and the pro. Each trail offers a different type of adventure and experience that you shouldn’t pass up. Additionally, Arkansas is home to some of the best bike trails in the world.

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