Mountain Bicycle 24 Volt LiPo4 Lithium Battery Pack for X-Treme Trail Maker & Trail Climber




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Replacement Aluminum color 24V 9.6Ah Lithium LiFePo4 Lithium battery pack for the X-Treme™ TrailMaker, TrailClimber Electric Mountain Bicycle. Available in Aluminum.

**PLEASE NOTE: This Version 3 Battery is the only battery now available. Please see below for difference in the Versions and additional parts you may need.

Version 3: These batteries were used on models Trail Maker, Trail Climber, XB-300Li and XB-305Li manufactured in late 2013 and later. The Version 3 Battery has a key switch on the top of the battery for the on/off switch. There is a locking mechanism on the bottom of the battery to secure the battery to your bike.


  • Fits Trail Climber and Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bicycles by X-Treme