6KU Bike Build Guide


Welcome to the 6KU Build Guide page! We want to congratulate you on your 6KU purchase! Whether this is your first 6KU bike or you're adding to your collection, we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. That's why we created this 6KU Build page and some sweet assets to help you get on your bike and smash the streets.

Let's get started!


Once you get your bike, inside the box you'll find a Starter Bag that contains everything you'll need to get started. There should be a Registration Card, Customer Satisfaction Card, a Quick Start Guide, and some sweet Stickers too.

If you've built a bike in the past then these items will be helpful reference resources to use along the way. Simply refer to the quick guide to get started.

However, if this is your first 6KU bike then let's take a look at our detailed step by step Build Guide below to get started.


Please note, regardless of your experience level in building bikes we always recommend having your bike built by an authorized 6KU dealer.

6Ku created easy to follow step-by-step Build Guides for the 6KU Fixie & Track bike models. Click on the Build Guide link, and you'll be redirected to the corresponding PDF Build Guide. This PDF is all yours; feel free to save it or print it a reference while you build your bike.