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Welcome to the world of Fat Tire Bicycles. Fat Tire Bikes have wide rims, extra-large tires, and oddly-dimensioned frames to make it all fit together to define a fat bike, a cycling subcategory that’s garnered a serious following now. 

Improved traction on dirt to flotation when riding through snow, the obese tires let a bike roll where it has not rolled before. With all that squishy rubber under you, suspension is not necessary for most fat bikes.

The wide rubber — some fatty tires are 4+ inches across, or twice as wide as most mountain-bike tire tread — adds notable grip on the ground, and the extra surface area does not allow the wheel to sink as much into soft surfaces like snow or sand.

Another distinction: You can ride with lower tire pressure, (10-15 psi or even lower, depends on your bike model), giving the tire some significant squish translating to more rubber conforming onto the trail for serious grip.

Ecotric 26" 36V 500W Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike


Ecotric Hammer 48V 750W Electric Fat Tire Beach Cruiser


Ecotric 20" 36V 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


Ecotric Rocket 36V 500W Electric Fat Tire Mountain Bike


Ecotric Dolphin 20" 36V 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


$2,150.00 | $2,199.00


GreenBike Big Dog Off-Road 48V 750W

GreenBike Electric Motion