Rans Bikes Size Guide


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X-Seam Measurement

This article explains how to measure your "X-Seam". This measurement applies to all recumbent bikes.

Rans Bikes XSeam diagram

Sit flat on the floor with your back against the wall and measure from the wall to the bottom of your feet. Hold your feet 90 degrees to the floor. Each X-Seam range is given per bike model and frame size in the model specifications list below.

Be sure your back is against the wall and your legs are flat on the floor. X-Seam measurements may vary. If you're close to either end of the X-Seam range, be sure to have your RANS Dealer verify the fit.

 Rans Bikes XSeam Specs


What is a "Frameset"?

A number of the Rans Bikes on our website can be purchased as a "Frameset". Before ordering a Frameset, you should carefully consider the following information. This is not a complete bike, and will require additional parts and labor. For those who prefer specific or custom components, a Frameset is ideal. However, a frame set requires professional assembly and custom tools.

What is included in a "Frameset"?

Typically included in a frame set: seat, idler, handlebars, frame, risers, fork, headset adjustor, chain guard, and derailleur hanger (if applicable)

What is NOT included in a "Frameset"?
• Wheels
• Tires
• Tubes
• Brakes
• Crank
• Cables
• Housing
• Shifters
• Derailleurs
• Chain
• Cassette
• Headset

Please contact us, and we can refer you to a qualified professional bicycle dealer that can complete this bike build for you.