The Best eBikes of 2021 For Your Lifestyle

The Best eBikes of 2021 For Your Lifestyle

Just like with normal bicycles, there are many different types of eBikes designed specifically for a variety of lifestyles and uses. Normal bicycles come in varieties such as mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, etc. Some are built specifically for climbing up rocky hills while others are more suited for pavement. 

Before purchasing an electric bike, it is wise to take a look at what your typical ride will look like to ensure you are buying the best eBike for your specific needs. Will you be taking your eBike off the beaten path? Are you planning for your eBike to be your main source of transportation through the city? Does your eBike need to be ready to take on sandy dunes?

Making sure you pick the best eBike for your lifestyle is the key to fully enjoying your eBike experience! Here are our picks for the best electric bikes of 2021 sorted by use and lifestyle: 

Beachside Cruises

The use of eBikes in areas where the beach is a short trip down the road has become a popular mode of transportation! Whether you live in Florida, California, or even the French Riviera, picking one of the best eBikes specifically designed for the sandier landscapes will ensure you make the best use of your purchase.

The X-treme Malibu Elite Max (coming in 24V and 36V options) is one of our top picks for anyone seeking to purchase the best eBike for beachside cruises. This eBike is made from 100% hand-welded lightweight aluminium making it the perfect build to avoid weighing you down while driving over sand. 

X-Treme Malibu Elite Max 36V 350W Step Through Beach Cruiser

This beach cruiser eBike also comes in a variety of attractive colors making it easier for you to personalize your selection to set your bike apart from those of your family members or friends!

Mountain Climbers

The X-treme X-Cursion Elite is considered the best electric bike for those seeking to ride over rougher terrain. Not only is this bike designed for a comfortable ride, but it is also packed with power and created to fold and fit in almost any space. That’s right, it folds! 

X-Treme X-Cursion Elite 24V 300W Folding Mountain E-Bike

This eBike was made keeping off-roader riders in mind. With its reliable and durable foldable frame along with its ability to climb tough paths, this is the best eBike for those with a camping, off-roading, and traveling lifestyle. 

Longer Commutes

Do you need an eBike that can withstand stop-and-go riding? Will you be mostly cruising on pavement or sidewalks? Will your eBike need to have a battery that will support a longer commute? If so, we have the best electric bike to fit your specific needs!

The Nakto Classic Electric City Bike was made specifically for longer rides on paved roads. Notably, this bike comes with a front basket as well as a rear rack to help you carry all your necessities. Use your commuter bike to regularly meet your friends for coffee or for a refreshing cruise to work every morning!

Final Thoughts and Tips

As mentioned by Shopping Kim, there are many health and social benefits to purchasing and utilizing an eBike. From being environmentally friendly to providing great exercise, eBikes are a great way to get around while improving your health and the health of our planet. 

Therefore, purchasing the best eBike for your lifestyle should be considered an investment. Not only will it improve your health but riding an eBike will also give you endless moments of entertainment. Journey Bikes makes this investment an easier purchase by offering a buy-now-pay-later option through Klarna!

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